Monday, November 29, 2010

My Chance

Walk away when you promised to stay
saying goodbye even when you said you wouldn't
You watch and see this heart breaking
taking pleasure as the tears begin to fall
Can't help it as the memories come back,
of how you use to hold me
all the times we use to sit and talk
Understanding so far from my reach,
unknowing of when it all went wrong

You promised you wouldn't hurt me,
abandon me like others from my past
You were so different,
so caring and sincere
Where did real you disappear to?
when did you become so detached?
Though the pain is still so new,
I know I can get over you
Stronger than you think I am
having been through this many more
times than this.
Having to be told all my life,
goodbyes and that I won't be missed

This time you are the fool,
not realizing I am better than you
Goodbye is better than living a lie
but know you didn't break me
didn't scar my soul
Tomorrow is another day,
a chance to live again.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Yours

I'm Yours
He lays her down on sheets of silk
her smooth creamy skin
gleaming in the candle light
He binds her hands
as their lips meet
passions ablaze
the anticipation thick and heady
she yearns for Him
as He touches her skin
whispering His name
moaning as His touch becomes more
fingers exploring
teasing and stopping
just to start again
Finally He rises above
their bodies finally meeting
Skin against skin
pulling..thrusting..inching ever closer
she screams in pleasure
He pulls her tighter to Him
kisses her so deeply
consuming her so utterly
Together they climb
and as one they tremble in ecstasy
Tonight she becomes His
in every sense of the word
Tonight He takes her
bringing them closer than ever before
By the light of candles
He binds her for eternity

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hoping for Light

Swirls of shadows creeps out from the corners
darkness boils over and the danger begins
Lightning flashes
thunder echoing your screams
Turning your mind inside out
confused and disoriented
compelled to fall endlessly down
No other sound but the breaths you take
and the winds whispering to you
their pitiless song gripping your soul
clutching tightly and refusing to let go
Lonely hours pass by slowly
one more agonizing than the next
Tears finally fall
fast and silent
your body shaking uncontrollably
Closing your eyes
you pull within yourself
clinging to the last peice of sanity
hoping a ray of light will shine through

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jumbled Mess Called Life

I am sure I am not the only one out there that has stopped for a moment and just think really? Or what the hell? Life sure does like to throw it's curves. But we learn to take them as they come and move on. Doesn't mean that those moments haven't left our memory or hasn't touched us in one way or the other. It's just that you have to move on and take what has happened and somehow we either learn something from it or we discover something about ourselves that we didn't before. Lately my mind has been plagued by events that I truly thought were behind me. Why this or why that? It's not really the question of why more so that scars can easily be opened even if you think they are closed. I am now a mother of a wonderful child. Just like any other child there is he knows how to push and test you to the very limits you have. But I look at him and think I wouldn't change it for anything in this world. We all have an inner strength. We are all tested and either have gone or is going through something. But scars and heal once more and we can overcome our moments of what the hell that come and go so easily.

Winter's Breath

Snowflakes fall from the hazy sky
winter's breath is everywhere to be seen
I gaze upon it all before turning to you
smiling sweetly as my tri colored eyes
ablaze with emotions
Let it be cold outside
the heavens can let it snow
I take your hand in mine
pulling you to sit with me
On a rug we lay as one
atop a bed of pillows
A gentle touch here
a secret look shared
And words are not needed
I can feel your heart beat
maybe just as fast as mine
Oh sweet ecstasy
bound tightly and won't be denied
Love that has no limits
no chains or walls
Our bodies meet and entwine
as winter's breath falls outside

Mist and Dreams

Through the fog of shadows
amid the swirls of the night
The moon covered over
not one star in sight
She is there in it all
possibly it could be a dream
Reaching out to pull you in
to become one with all the mystery
Moving ever so graciously
like a doll who came alive
Emotions burning it's mark within
Drifting away as edges of light appear
yet keeping it's hypnotic way so
unique and rare
slowly effortlessly as it started
all the wonder fades to gray
hidden once more
awaiting for just the moment
to come alive again