Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Yours

I'm Yours
He lays her down on sheets of silk
her smooth creamy skin
gleaming in the candle light
He binds her hands
as their lips meet
passions ablaze
the anticipation thick and heady
she yearns for Him
as He touches her skin
whispering His name
moaning as His touch becomes more
fingers exploring
teasing and stopping
just to start again
Finally He rises above
their bodies finally meeting
Skin against skin
pulling..thrusting..inching ever closer
she screams in pleasure
He pulls her tighter to Him
kisses her so deeply
consuming her so utterly
Together they climb
and as one they tremble in ecstasy
Tonight she becomes His
in every sense of the word
Tonight He takes her
bringing them closer than ever before
By the light of candles
He binds her for eternity

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