Monday, November 29, 2010

My Chance

Walk away when you promised to stay
saying goodbye even when you said you wouldn't
You watch and see this heart breaking
taking pleasure as the tears begin to fall
Can't help it as the memories come back,
of how you use to hold me
all the times we use to sit and talk
Understanding so far from my reach,
unknowing of when it all went wrong

You promised you wouldn't hurt me,
abandon me like others from my past
You were so different,
so caring and sincere
Where did real you disappear to?
when did you become so detached?
Though the pain is still so new,
I know I can get over you
Stronger than you think I am
having been through this many more
times than this.
Having to be told all my life,
goodbyes and that I won't be missed

This time you are the fool,
not realizing I am better than you
Goodbye is better than living a lie
but know you didn't break me
didn't scar my soul
Tomorrow is another day,
a chance to live again.

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